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To the upper-left of the lens is the N1's AF-assist lamp, which is also used as the visual countdown for the self-timer. Picture Package viewer Windows only Sony includes Picture Package v1. That means that the camera can't give you the exact number of minutes of battery life left -- too bad! It's too bad about the color cast, as our usual subject is nice and sharp. Each time you take a picture, a 640 x 480 version of the photo is put into the album, which has its own 26MB memory bank. If you're after a stylish and compact camera with a BIG LCD, great photo quality, and a built-in photo album, then the DSC-N1 is for you. Above is our test scene, which has the same color cast as the macro shot since the camera can't seem to get the white balance right in my studio. Photo quality on the camera was very good, assuming that you stay away from unusual lighting. As I said earlier, the N1 uses Memory Stick Duo cards regular or pro varieties , and an adapter is included to get the Duo card into a regular MS slot. The camera moves between images quickly in playback mode. You can also e-mail them at the click of your mouse. Let's talk accessories now. As is the case with most ultra-thin cameras, you'll find a built-in lens cover on the DSC-N1. Have a look at our , printing the photos if you'd like, and decide if the N1's photo quality meets your expectations! Instead, Sony has built 26MB of memory right into the camera plus 26MB more for the photo album and 6MB for slideshow music. First, let's use the night scene to see how the camera performs at high ISO sensitivities: ISO 64 ISO 100 ISO 200 ISO 400 ISO 800 The ISO 100 crop isn't much worse than the ISO 64 one. As you can see, the DSC-N1 has a metal tripod mount. Other features on the N1 include an 8. As always, I recommend a trip down to your local reseller to try out the DSC-N1 and its competitors before you buy! This feature has been on Sony's camcorders for a couple of years. Please note that this color cast issue will only be a problem if you shoot under unusual lighting conditions. At telephoto it takes a bit longer, and if the camera really has to work to lock focus it may take a second or more. The DSC-N1 has an F2. There are very few buttons on the camera, with most things controlled via the touchscreen LCD that you'll see in a moment. Pressing the light up menu button on the back of the camera brings up the above screen. If you shoot under unusual lighting conditions -- as I do for my test photos -- then the lack of custom white balance may be a deal breaker. Playback Mode The DSC-N1's playback mode is quite a bit fancier than what comes on most cameras. The included NP-BG1 battery is shown at right. On top of the N1 you'll find the microphone as well as the power and shutter release buttons. The N1 starts up in about 1.

A movie editing feature lets you trim unwanted footage.

If you want more flash power and less redeye there's always the external slave flash that I mentioned earlier. Other features on the N1 include an 8. The N1 can display up to 500 of your photos, organized in albums. The album stores the last 500 photos you took, and they're all organized by date. This LCD has pretty high resolution, and it's visible both in bright outdoor light as well as dimly lit rooms. The setup menu adjusts a mix of mundane and useful functions on the N1. The DSC-N1 draws power from an InfoLithium NP-BG1 battery, with the useful ability to give an indication of remaining battery life in minutes. There are various pens and stamps you can use, and there are several colors to choose from. When it's time to charge the N1's battery, just pop it into the include external charger. At ISO 200 things start getting fuzzy, and it's all downhill from there.

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